Monday, October 25, 2010

Just started using my Beer Advocate account again - looking to set up some trades. Search me out - Adrock7309. I have great access to midwest beers - especially Surly.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just finished raking the yard

Its 60 degrees out and about time to get started on the yard. What better refreshment than a Surly Bitter Brewer. At just 4% ABV, this hop first brew really quenches the thirst without knocking you out. There are a bunch of hops for beer with such a low IBU rating of 37. This one poured a hazy orange and with just a thin white head. Very smooth with just a small after bite.

My first blog entry ever

Easter weekend was busy and way too short. I was able to squeeze in a a great brew Friday evening with a buddy. We started the night with an Oskar Blues Ten Fidy. This gigantic imperial stout was served at room temp and was the perfect start to the evening. It poured like spent motor oil and had a foamy head the color of milk chocolate. The flavors were roasty cocoa, espresso, and a little bit of oak. The 10% ABV was well masked under the balanced hop and huge malt load. Overall, one of the great imperial stouts available. I purchased a four pack from a Woodman's grocery store in LaCrosse, WI.